General Know-How

Before you start your #27BUSINESS with us, we highly recommend you to read our policies, user guide on 27APP & SOP. Set up your business with us today with our step-by-step guide!

In this General Know-How Trianings, you'll learn about everything you need to know as a #27Entrepreuneurians, topics including:

- 27GROUP Policies
- 27Shop User Guide
- 27HUB User Guide


为了帮助您开始你的#27BUSINESS,我们专门为您设计了一套入门指南。在你开始你的 #27BUSINESS 之前,我们建议你先了解我们的政策以及使用手册,可以如何在你的事业上成为你最佳的助力,并且如何透过我们的线上办公室,更好的管理并且规划你的 #27BUSINESS。


- 27GROUP政策解读
- 27SHOP使用手册
- 27HUB使用手册