Welcome to 27Business!

Hey, warmest greetings to our fellow 27Independent Business Partners, welcome to our official orientation programme!

This programme is specifically designed to ensure that you have a fair understanding of the structures, operations, products, resources as well as the team behind 27Business upon becoming a partner. We strongly believe that sharing and aligning our vision with you is essential in making the collaboration between you and 27GROUP a success. Therefore, this will be your first guide towards achieving career success and creating a better future together with 27GROUP, so let's get started! 


迎新班由我们的27创办人EVELYNXANDRA 亲自给大家解说,帮助你全面的了解 #27GROUP,给你对27GROUP、27BRAND、27BUSINESS有基础且全面的认识。并且我们27创办人将会很清楚的告诉你,你可以怎么去开始、并且将会给你全面的资讯,帮助你建立信心去开启这份事业。


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